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08 December 2008 @ 10:25 am
Hi Guys!!!

I wanted to make this post about my experience at the Sydney Twilight convention. There is so much to say, omg. It was quite possibly the BEST weekend of my whole life.

I arrived in Sydney and met natatree at the airport. That was amazing ♥ We got along really well (at least I thought so ;P) and Nat is one of the kindest people you'd ever meet. I can't thank her enough for including me in this whole convention thing. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have even gone to it!

As it turned out, we were staying at the same hotel that the Twilight stars were staying at! As soon as we got into the hotel and waited for the lift Edi Gathegi and Nikki Reed approached us, Nikki with her best friend Sage (who was really awesome and friendly as well!) we then rode the lift with them to our rooms, and I was shaking and staring like a stunned mullet! AGHHH!!! I couldn't believe it. Nikki really intimidated me!

That night was the cocktail party. And I was stunned that we were staying on the same floor as Taylor Lautner. We went downstairs to talk to the convention organizers and when we came back, Taylor just happened to pop out of the lift! Yes, I died.

He said to me "Hi, I'm Taylor, Nice to-" and I cut him off and said 'I KNOW!' and he laughed at me :P I felt like a dork and probably blushed, but whatever :P He shook my hand and I was all OMG I TOUCHED HIMMMMM! :p lmao. He was there with his family, and they were really nice. Nat and I went into a conversation with his mum and little sister (she's 10) about their trip to the wildlife park! It was so cute. I felt so speshul :P

Then Nikki and Edi came down and we made our way to the cocktail party. We had to 'hide' them from the people walking past, by forming a crowd around them. At that stage, I still hadn't talked to Nikki yet so I was still scared of her :P LOL!

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Nat and I at the Cocktail Partehhh.

Edi Gathegi was awesome when we got to talk to him. Really friendly, too! He was carrying this bottle of beer and everytime we had to take a photo he said he didn't want to be holding it in a pic LOL. So he would pass it to some girl and she'd be underage :P And then he'd just pose for a photo, really lovely :P

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We met this nice girl called Eshkar? She told me that's how it's spelt and I was like WTF. LOL! I took pics for her since she didn't have her camera with her! I said I'd email them to her later!

Then we approached Taylor Lautner, who was probably the friendliest person there. I was shocked. There is nothing bad you can say about him, nothing! He just smiled and nodded at everything you asked him, and he'd answer every question! He would be down at the gym all the time, buffing up for New Moon.

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We then went up to Nikki Reed and I asked her for a photo and she just smiled and said 'SURE!' and I was taken aback so much :P That's when I started to like her LOL. I instantly felt bad about initially disliking her with the casting :( She looked genuinely happy to be in the pic, too! Her dress was just gorgeous :O

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

We got a few hours to talk to the guests, have conversations, etc. I didn't talk much to Nikki since she was always surrounded and involved in someone else's conversations. Whereas Taylor would get sidetracked and join in on another convo five minutes after he talked to one person LOL. He was telling us about all the time he'd spent here in Australia, the things he'd done with his family, etc.

He was even nice enough to talk to hazy_crazy on the phone when we asked him, which was tres' awesome. You can read all about that here in Jess's entry :P

The cocktail party finished up and the whole flock of girls who were there followed us all back to the hotel. Since I was of course staying at the same hotel, Nat and I were allowed in whereas the others weren't. So they just stood outside hoping the guests would come out again!!!

While we were waiting for instruction, the three were goofing around off to the side. Nikki pulled up Taylor's shirt and... I saw his abs :O!!!!!!!!!! I don't think they knew I was watching LOL, but I was just like OH LORDY, JESS WOULD LOVE THIS :P The man (or should I say... boy...)is a Calvin Klein man, let me tell you!

Then that all finished up, and Edi Gathegi jumped in the lift with me! ONLY ME! I was so starstruck all over again, to be in a confined space with 'Laurent' while he went to the ninth floor and I went to the twelfth :P LOOOOOOOOL. He was singing Prince, a song about Nikki? I wasn't familiar with it. Then he asked me where I was from, etc. and didn't seem to know where my state was in Australia.

Somehow he didn't get to his floor, and I got to mine. He asked me if he would see me tomorrow at the convention, and I said yes. Then he wished me goodnight :O! I was just in awe! LOOOOOOOOL. I went to my hotel room and just squealed on the phone to whoever would listen :P

I'll update tomorrow with how I had breakfast with them, the convention, etc. :P
Yeah, I have tonnes of photos (in the hundreds) and heaps more from the cocktail party, but I only posted my favourites :P
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04 December 2008 @ 07:31 pm
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We will be updating this regularly (hopefully!) during our current 'fantastical holiday' from the 21st November until 5th December 2009, and it is very unlikely we will be posting in our own journals, so this is the only place you'll get news about the adventures of Britt & Jess! :D

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